Cyrogenic Stainless Valve

Technic Document PDF

EN 13709

DN 15 ÷ DN 350
PN 16 ÷ PN 160



Are you looking for a reliable and efficient cryogenic valve solution? Cryogenic valves are an essential part of many industrial processes, ensuring the safe and controlled transfer of products. Venturi Valve is a leading cryogenic gate valves manufacturers, providing the highest quality cryogenic valves for a variety of applications.

What are Cryogenic Valves?

Cryogenic valves are designed to provide a controlled transfer of cryogenic liquids, gases, or mixtures. They are divided into various types, based on the application, such as cryogenic gate valves, cryogenic ball valves, and more. Thanks to the features of these valves, they are now used in various sectors such as bulk tanks and transport tanker tanks.

Cryogenic Valves Manufacturers

Venturi Valve is a trusted cryogenic ball valves manufacturers, offering an extensive range of cryogenic valves for a variety of applications. Whether you need cryogenic gate valves, cryogenic ball valves, or any other type of cryogenic valves, Venturi Valve has the perfect solution for you.

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Cryogenic valves are used in a variety of sectors, including chemical, petrochemical, and gas industries. They are also used in cryogenic storage tanks and cryogenic transportation systems. By using cryogenic valves, you can ensure safe and fast filling and discharging, without the need for fixed seal adjustment.

Cryogenic valves are praised for their high flow rate and low-temperature capability. They also have a plug-in and butt-welded connection, which makes them easy to install and maintain. In addition, cryogenic valves have a low moment actuating shaft, ensuring the secure and impermeable user experience.